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Ashley Brooks

L. Ashley Brooks

Over ten years ago, I started a solo law practice dedicated to helping individuals, families, and businesses plan for the future and navigate the challenges it inevitably brings. Today I am still honored to serve clients by providing counsel on leaving their legacy, and preparing and administering their plans for the best use, protection and disposition of their hard earned assets.

Over time I've come to realize that the “best” estate plan is the plan that is right for you. As your attorney, my role is to listen to your concerns and goals, and recommend the plans and tools that serve your needs and objectives. I enjoy learning about my clients. I am honored by the trust conveyed when they make me a part of their team of long-term advisors.

Your Plan

Take the Next Step.

For too many, a crisis prompts their visit to an estate attorney. A spouse with dementia, and no power of attorney for handling day-to-day matters. A home of forty years that must be sold to pay for long term care. An adult child who is thrust into caregiving for an aging parent for the first time, and doesn’t know where to start. A grandchild whose inheritance from his grandmother has cost him the public benefits he receives for medical care. The family of a business owner who died with no plan to transition the sole means of family income.

Don’t leave your loved ones with chaos because you failed to take the next step.

Stay in the driver's seat.

Most of us want to be in control of our lives, to the extent we can. Planning for disability and death means you stay in the driver’s seat longer. You choose who will make your end of life decisions, and facilitate your long-term care if you can’t do so. You empower the people you trust to handle your financial matters. You have the freedom to select your blueprint for the future, but you must act.

Each day you postpone implementing a plan is another day of exposing your family to the risk of unnecessary costs and delays, confusion, and lengthy processes to sort your affairs – many of which involve court determinations and oversight.

A plan as unique as your fingerprint.

Your concerns and goals for the future may sound universal, but your plan to achieve those goals is as unique as your fingerprint.

There is no “cookie cutter” approach to protecting your family’s health and financial well-being. There is no “one size fits all” plan for the future.

Your plan must be custom tailored to you.

What matters to you, matters to us.

Discussing these sensitive issues is not easy, but the peace of mind that comes from developing a thoughtful plan is worth the effort.

Why turn to us for guidance in this process?

Because we understand that to help you plan, we need to know you.

Whether you are concerned about selecting a guardian for minor children, protecting the inheritance of an adult child from creditors or divorce, transitioning a business, or planning for the care of a pet that outlives you, keep one thing in mind – what matters to you, matters to us. From the time we spend with you, we align the right tools to meet your goals and address your concerns. There is a unique plan for you.

Let us help you create it.

Pet Trust Planning

Pet Trust Planning by Ashley Brooks

I’ve been an animal lover since my earliest recollection. As a toddler, I laughed while pointing at pictures of horses in children’s books; loved the gentle company of dogs; and defended the merits of cats to the harshest of critics – my great aunt, who, though not a fan, patiently listened to my (sometimes creative) arguments in their defense.

For many of us, our pet animals are as much a part of our family as its human members. Their presence in our daily routine is as significant for us as our love, care and provision is to their well-being. We need to provide for them, not only while we are well and capable, but when we are no longer able to meet their needs ourselves – during our disability and after our death. After all, they depend on us completely.

Pet Trusts are an excellent way to provide such care. Over the past decade, most states across the U.S. have codified Pet Trusts into law, recognizing the place of our animal family members and their need for legal protection. In Virginia, a pet owner may establish a valid pet trust under law, designating (1) financial means for the care of any pet that survives them, (2) the person or entity to manage those funds, (3) the guardian(s) to provide a warm and loving environment for the pet, and (4) if necessary, an additional party to serve as advocate for the pet, with legal means at their disposal to ensure that the owner’s plan is carried out. Pet Trusts allow us to offer legal protection for our pet animals who cannot speak for themselves.

I will help you with the critical components of designing your Pet Trust, such as choosing your trustees and guardians, determining the funds you may potentially need for your pet’s care, selecting possible sources of those funds, and ensuring a trusted party has seamless access to funds to care for your pet.

Please contact me for more information on providing for and protecting your pet family member.

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